Borrani wheels 1/43


1/43 borrai wheels 84 spoke for classic Ferrari models, this set includes 4 rims, 3D Printed tyres and tyre valves.

The wheel set will be ready to assemble, a few options available, raw brass with silver spokes, raw aluminum and silver spokes or silver painted. The tyres will be painted in rubber color and fitted to the rims, once they are in place I do not recommend trying to take them apart as they might fall apart due the press fit of the tyres with the rims.

Once an order is placed for this specific product I will start the process of making them, I do not stock this item as its time consuming to make. All the process of building this wheels can take up to 2 weeks until its shipped, this will include, machining all the parts using a high precision cnc machine, assemble and paint.

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